Community Development Programming


What is the Community Development Program? 

The Community Development Program was designed to develop Sport and Recreation in the communities, aim better our relationships with the communities and to be the bridge between communities and Territorial Sport Organizations. 

We hope to focus on developing programs based on community interests, strengths and desires. We will strive to help communities build capacity in activities they find beneficial. ASCNWT will achieve this by:

  • Create partnerships with all TSOs and helping them get into the communities to better develop all levels of sport;
  • Provide support to Indigenous coaches and athletes to compete at all levels;
  • Work with recreation leaders and volunteers to get a better sense of what support is needed in their communities;
  • Continue to organize and develop Northern Games NT, Dene Games NT and Archery NT 

Who is eligible to apply for the Community Development Program? 

ASCNWT accepts applications from Recreation Leaders, Community Champions/Volunteers, Territorial Sport Organizations (TSO) and Individuals based in the Northwest Territories (NWT)

We DO NOT accept applications from;

  • For profit initiatives or projects for personal gain;
  • Individuals, Communities or Organizations from outside of NWT;
  • Political or partisans’ initiatives;

What kind of projects receive support from the Community Development Program?

ASCNWT is committed to supporting Sport, Recreation and Cultural Projects that meet local priorities and goals. We want you to be able to create and implement projects that make sense to your community, TSO or members. The criteria is broad, placing a few limitations on eligible projects or application process. 

ASCNWT funds projects that benefit the community or supports a collective of youth. We prioritize projects that:

  1. Enhance community capacity 
  2. Are sustainable 
  3. Connects community members to their culture and traditions 
  4. Supports Sport and Recreation 
  5. Gets community members active 
  6. Certifies Community Coaches

ASCNWT has supported several unique initiatives that have been pushed forward by the communities in the NWT. They include;

  • Purchasing of Sport Equipment for their community 
  • Assisting with funding for TSOs to conduct Regional Tours for their respective sport 
  • Helping a TSO with getting into a community to further develop athletes
  • Supporting initiatives that support the growth of Northern Games and Dene Games 
  • Coaching Certification 

Important things to know

  • You can submit multiple applications for different projects 
  • If you received funding from ASCNWT in the past, you can reapply 
  • Project must take place in the NWT 
  • We DO NOT fund projects that are exclusively for individual travel to tournaments, Hand Games Tournaments, Hunting and Trapping for personal gain, or projects that are for profit.

How do I apply for funding? 

Applications are available at the link below or from the Community Development Manager, Shawna McLeod (

Community Development Application Form (click here)


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    Established in 1999, ASCNWT was created through a national consensus-building process in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples across the Northwest Territories.

    We believe that all Aboriginal people in the NWT should have the opportunity to participate in sport and recreational activities at a level of involvement they find meaningful and valuable.