National Partner

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is a member-based, not-for-profit organization that exists to support the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and communities through participation in sport, physical activity and recreation throughout Canada.

Archery Championships

Archery Canada supports ASCNWT Archery Championships and other Archery programming offered.


Traditional Games Championships (TGC)

Stantec provides funding to organize and plan the Traditional Games Championships in Yellowknife.






Awards Dinner

Each year, an award is presented to one teacher who demonstrates their commitment to coach, coordinate, and/or support any sport or cultural activity within NWT communities. The award is chosen and presented by the NWT Teacher's Association. 


Each year, an award is presented to one RCMP member who demonstrates their commitment to coach, coordinate, and/or support any sport or cultural activity within NWT communities. The award is chosen and presented by the RCMP.

Financial Partners

Organizations that provide funding for ASCNWT Programs and Events.

NWT & Nunavut Lotteries is committed to physical activity and play in the north where they provide funding for NWT Sport and Recreation programs. The funding provided to us is used towards our events and programs. 

Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) in the GNWT.

The Federal Government of Canada.

As an Inuit owned organization with over 60 years of northern heritage, First Air is proud to lead the way in community support in the North. First Air provides us with access to discounted rates on all routes flown by their airline. 

Sport and Recreation Partners

The NWT Recreation & Parks Association (RPA) works with communities across the NWT to promote healthy living through active recreation. The mission of the NWTRPA is to promote the inclusion of recreation and parks as key to our way of life. We do this by supporting leaders, communities and partners through training, advocacy and networking.

The Mackenzie Recreation Association (MRA) was established in 1993 and its mandate and mission came directly from the 19 Mackenzie region communities.  In January 2001, the MRA became a registered society and it continues to support and promote:​Active For Life Opportunities, Physical Literacy Development, Leadership & Professional Development, Recreation &Sport Funding, Travel Funding and Water Safety Promotion & Education.


Sport North was incorporated in October 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of amateur sport in the Northwest Territories. Sport North represents the Territorial Sport Organizations of the Northwest Territories. They are dedicated to the development of sport at every level of participation in the Northwest Territories. Sport North Federation visions it to be the recognized leader in sport development and will ensure that opportunities in sport, based on fair play, are accessible to all residents of the NWT.


Northern Youth Abroad (NYA) is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization that cultivates youth leadership, individual career goals, cross-cultural awareness, and international citizenship amongst youth from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories aged 15-22. The program strengthens the self-identity and cultural understanding of its Participants and enhances their participation and success in the school system by providing a life-changing and life-directing experience relevant to the needs and aspirations of Northern youth.


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Established in 1999, ASCNWT was created through a national consensus-building process in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples across the

The Aboriginal Sports Circle NWT empowers and builds capacity within NWT communities, promotes and supports culturally relevant programming, and develops athletes and coaches in a level of involvement they find meaningful. We focus on developing programs based on community interests, strengths, and desires and strive to help communities build capacity in activities that they find beneficial.