Veronica McDonald Recipient of Prestigious Coaching Award

November 5, 2020

Veronica McDonald Recipient of Prestigious Coaching Award

We are delighted to announce Veronica McDonald from the NWT as one of the recipients of the 2020 National Indigenous Coaching Award that is to be presented in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada

Be sure to tune in to the live Gala event on Facebook tomorrow (Nov 5) at 5pm MST

Veronica McDonald is Dene and a decorated athlete and mainstay of the coaching community. She has acted with dedication and passion in her role as a Traditional Games Instructor with the Aboriginal Sports Circle of the NWT since that program began, training each instructor who has gone through the program. She also steps up regularly to officiate the Traditional Games Championships.

Showing true commitment and initiative, Veronica founded Yellowknife Arctic Sports Club in 2019. As a testament to her effectiveness as a coach, everyone who trained with her group that year who tried out for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games made the team.

Veronica credits her grandfather as her first coach, who also coached her mother from a young age. Her mother, Meika, was also a decorated Arctic Sports athlete. Veronica competed in her first Arctic Winter Games at the age of 8, representing Team NT. Since then, she has continued to attend Arctic Winter Games competitions, racking up medals, awards, world records, and honours along the way. Veronica was the final torch bearer for the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Arctic Winter Games that were hosted in her home town of Fort Smith, NT. Veronica is fantastic athlete, inspiring coach, uplifting role model, and a much-deserving recipient of this year's NICA awards

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