March 25, 2020



NAIG 2020 has been postponed, due to the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While we are all disappointed with the postponement, it was a necessary decision. The health, safety and well-being of the young athletes and their family and friends, along with everyone involved in the Games, including those who planned to attend, is paramount.

During the coming days and weeks, the NAIG team will be working with NAIG Council along with all funding partners and key stakeholders to implement options around the postponement, with the intention to reschedule the Games in Halifax. 

We are aware the July Games were exceptionally important to the young Indigenous athletes who were competing, and the NAIG 2020 team is working with our Indigenous Nations on the impacts of the postponement. As well, athletes eligible to compete in NAIG 2020 will remain eligible to participate in the rescheduled Games. Please check our website and follow our social media for updates.

Please stay tuned and plugged in via our social media and website, and if you have questions about your/your organization’s role in the rescheduled Games, let me know. Being we are still in the midst of new planning for the postponement, although we may not have all the answers, we are very happy to hear your thoughts.

We are incredibly appreciative for your investment of time, belief and commitment in bringing this incredible event to life, and want you to know these efforts will be paid forward when the Games are rescheduled. There is much planning yet to come, and I will keep you posted as new dates and details evolve.

Click here to see the press release from the Host Society. 




Jordee Reid

Team NT Chef de Mission

North American Indigenous Games




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