ASCNWT 2018 Scholarship Winners

September 5, 2018

ASCNWT 2018 Scholarship Winners

The ASCNWT would like to offer a huge congratulations to our successful scholarship applicants for 2018!

This is the inaugural year for the ASCNWT Scholarship and the quality of all applicants was very high. The 3 individuals who were successful this year have all demonstrated a high-level of commitment to education in Sport and Recreation programs at a post-secondary level, and are also passionate about giving back to their home communities through volunteering, recreation, and work experience.


Gavin Broadhead (Kinesiology – University of Lethbridge)

Gavin is entering his 4th year of study at the University of Lethbridge for a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Kinesiology. Gavin has a long history of participating in elite sport as an athlete and has recently been a Varsity athlete at the U of L, competing on the Track and Field team. Gavin participated in the RBC Training Grounds program, which takes some of the top athletes from around the country and involves a battery of fitness and skill testing to determine who has the potential to become future Olympians. Gavin has spent a lot of time volunteering and coaching in the NWT, as well as coaching within Alberta. His dedication to helping others reach their potential and inspiring them through his own hardwork and dedication to sport has led him to where he is today. As an exemplary athlete, student, and volunteer, Gavin has earned one of the 2018 ASCNWT Scholarships.

Jacqueline Gon (Kinesiology & Secondary Education – University of Alberta)

Jacqueline is entering her 3rd year as a student at the University of Alberta for a combined degree program; she is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Kinesiology and Secondary Education program with a major in Social Studies. Jacqueline grew up in the NWT and has spent a lot of time working within her community in the field of sport, recreation, and wellness. She has spent many years volunteering and giving back to her community through coaching and sport, and is eager to continue to inspire other youth in her community to find strength and resilience in the face of hardship. As a testemant to her dedication to the field of sport and recreation, and her passion for giving back to her community, Jacqueline Gon has earned her 2018 ASCNWT scholarship.

Brandon Thom (Sports & Fitness Leadership, Personal Training, and Sports Management – Camosun College)

Brandon is entering his 3rd year at Camosun College and has most recently started in the Bachelor of Sport Management degree program. Previously, he has completed his second year in Sports & Wellness, and is also working towards becoming a Personal Trainer. Brandon has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic in giving back to his community and has already changed the lives of many of the youth he has worked with. He is passionate about fitness and education, and is an incredible role model for others. Most recently, he spent the summer working in his community as the Physical Literacy Coordinator and ran sport and recreation programming, as well as chaperoned many community events. Brandon has shown that he is passionate about making an impact in the NWT in the field of Sport and Recreation, and has been selected to receive a 2018 ASCNWT scholarship.

We wish all of our winners and all other applicants the best in your future endeavours and are eager to see the difference you will make in the field of Sport and Recreation in the NWT!

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Established in 1999, ASCNWT was created through a national consensus-building process in response to the need for more accessible and equitable sport and recreation opportunities for Aboriginal peoples across the Northwest Territories.

We believe that all Aboriginal people in the NWT should have the opportunity to participate in sport and recreational activities at a level of involvement they find meaningful and valuable.