2024 Traditional Games Championship

2024 TGC Winners
February 8, 2024

2024 Traditional Games Championship

The 2024 Traditional Games Championships (TGC) at Ecole Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife concluded with record-breaking performances. Mangilaluk School from Tuktoyaktuk claimed the top spot, showcasing exceptional skill and earning the best overall score.  Ecole William MacDonald School and Weledeh Catholic School, both from Yellowknife, secured second and third place respectively.

It was an incredible weekend, which couldn't be accomplished without the assistance of our officials and volunteers. A big shout out also goes to the athletes and chaperones/coaches who travelled and spent their weekend at the gym. Finally a huge thank you to Dean MacInnis and Ecole Sir John Franklin High School for hosting the Games and providing breakfast and lunches to our participants!

We would also like to recognize our record breakers and record setters.

Malkin Kudlak of Mangilaluk School shattered the previous male one-foot high kick record of 6'4", and set the new record at 7'3". He also broke the Male Two-Foot High Kick record by two inches with a kick of 5'6". 

Lucy MacKay of Ecole William MacDonald tied Female One-Foot High Kick record at 6'3".

The 2024 TGC marks the first time Triple Jump was included as one of the events. Malia Williams of Weledeh and Malkin Kudlak both set the record for the event. Malia jumped 20'7" and Malkin jumped 23'2".

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Overall Team
1. Mangilaluk School (49 Points)
2. Ecole William MacDonald  (41 Points)

3. Weledeh Catholic School (33 Points)

Female One-Foot High Kick
1. Lucy MacKay - William MacDonald (6'3")
2. Malia Williams - Weledeh (6'0")

3. Georgia Debogorski - St. Joseph (4'10")

Male One-Foot High Kick
1. Malkin Kudlak - Mangilaluk School (7'3")
2. Joseph Kelly - Chief T'Selehye (5'10") 

3. Jake Therrien - William MacDonald (5'6")

Female Two-Foot High Kick
1.  Malia Williams - Weledeh (4'8")
2. Lucy MacKay - William MacDonald (4'0")

3. Georgia Debogorski - St. Joseph (3'10)

Male Two-Foot High Kick
1. Malkin Kudlak - Mangilaluk School (5'6")
2. Yuma MacEachren - William MacDonald (5'2") 

T-3. Trent Wolkie - Mangilaluk School (4'2")
T-3. Aiden Liske - ?ehtseo Ayha (4'2")

Female Snow Snake
1. Tahia Puskas Gibeau - Charles Tetcho (60'5")
2. Marley Elias - Mangilaluk School (55'9.5")

3. Kazelie Mauchan - Mildred Hall (50'2.5")

Male Snow Snake
1. Trent Wolkie - Mangilaluk School (106'5")
2. Dante Ruben - Moose Kerr (93'3)

3. Zachary Fish - St. Joesph (91'6")

Female Triple Jump
1. Malia Williams - Weledeh - (20'7")
2. Lucy MacKay - William MacDonald (20'4")

3. Georgia Debogorski - St. Joseph (19'11")

Male Triple Jump
1. Malkin Kudlak - Mangilaluk School (23'2")
2. Yuma MacEachren - William MacDonald (22'2")

3. Ben Mager - William MacDonald (19'1")

Female Wrist Hang
1. Malia Williams - Weledeh - (12.25 seconds)
2. Jada Fraser (Tulita) - Angik - (10.31 seconds)

3. Karissa Young - St. Joseph - (8.31 seconds)

Male Wrist Hang
1. Yuma MacEachren - William MacDonald (29.91 seconds)
2. Canaan MacDonald - Mildred Hall (21.97 seconds)

3. Tyson Blake - Chief Julius (21.12 seconds)

Pole Push
1. Moose Kerr School
2. Ecole William MacDonald 

3. Mildred Hall School

Dene Hand Games
1. Deh Gah School

2. Ecole William MacDonald 
3. Mangilaluk School

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