2023 Archery Program

April 4, 2023

2023 Archery Program

Every Sunday from April 16 - May 28, 2023, Archery NT will be holding it's spring archery program at the Multi-Sport Training Facility on 327C Old Airport Road, Yellowknife, NT. Please note that there will not be a session on May 14, 2023.

Archery is a fun activity that teaches focus, precision, control and determination. It is available to be practiced by all, no matter age, gender or ability. We have created classes that are broken down into specific age groups. This allows all archers to have the greatest level of success.

Youth - 3-4pm (Ages 6-10) - NOW FULL

This age group will learn the basics of shooting archery. We start with the feet and work all the way up to our hands, learning what each part of our body needs to do during the shot cycle. We will develop these skills with a mixture of lessons, games and competition. Most importantly we will make sure our environment is fun and engaging for all archers!

Teen - 4-5pm (Ages 11-16)

  • Train a team of athletes on a consistent basis for the ideal physical condition in the sport of archery by using methods to help improve nutrition, muscle development, athletic skill, and mental toughness.
  • Teach individuals about everything related to the sport - rules and regulations to help athletes develop a high level of understanding of archery and competition.
  • Create specific physical performance conditioning programs to increase athletic performance and confidence.
  • Evaluate team and individual athletic performance consistently using video, photography, data sheets and other means and addressing skills deficits during practice sessions.
  • Demonstrate commitment to safety on and off the range.

Open - 5-6pm (Ages 16+)

The Open program is open to adults of all skill levels. Instructions are provided to new shooters to ensure safety, proper use of equipment, and to help them get started in the right direction. participants are encouraged to learn and practice at their own pace. Those who want to be coached can place the "Coach Me" flag in their quiver and a coach will check in periodically to help.

The cost of the program, for all 7 sessions, is $50. There are limited spots available. There will be equipment at the facility should you require it.

You can register at:

Our Instructors

Andrew Gilmour - Youth Instructor

Andrew is a certified coach for beginner archers under the National Coaching Certification Program and is working toward his Competition Development Certification. He has been training in archery for the past 5 years, building experience in both recurve shooting as well as compound. Outside of archery, Andrew is also a life long martial arts practitioner and coach. He has worked with people of all ages, skill levels and development stages. He is a strong believer that organized instruction in a fun environment is a great recipe for success!

Nicole and Sophia Elder - Teen Instructors

Nicole and Sophia are dedicated to the sport of archery. Sophia is a youth competitor who currently has 14 National Records and 2 Championships. She has developed knowledge and skills throughout her 3 years of competing in archery events across Canada and the United States. She is committed in developing her skills as a peer coach.

Nicole has experience with coaching and instructing downhill skiing and snowboarding for the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. She was a competitive long track/short track speed-skater. Her coaching foundation is focused on improving technical skills and conditioning. The journey of an athlete is the motivation to stay committed to the small goals that move you towards achieving your big goals.

Cheuk Pang and Annie Wong - Open Instructors

Cheuk and Annie are coaches and archers with over a decade of experience in the sport. They are avid volunteers who devote their time running archery events in communities across the Northwest Territories and have recently coached the territorial archery team at the 2023 Arctic Winter Games and Canada Winter Games. When they are not volunteering at events, they can often be found at the archery range honing their skills, helping others learn the sport, or discussing archery and coaching techniques, sometimes for hours on end! They are passionate students of archery and are always enthusiastic to work with and develop alongside others.

If you have questions or require more information, please contact:

Cheyenne Lafferty

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