Scoring Sheets

2021 Traditional Games Championships


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  1. One Foot High Kick - Female

  2. One Foot High Kick - Male

  3. Example of One Foot High Kick Scoresheet
    • Here is an example scoresheet of the One Foot HighKick.
    • Once there are four (4) athletes left in the competition, the height will increase by 2" instead of 4". Look at the example sheet and notice how the height went from 5'0" to 5'2" once there were four athletes left. 
    • Each athlete will get three (3) attempts at each height. 
    • Make sure to a 'check mark' for a successful kick
    • Mark an 'x' for an in-complete kick.
  4. Snowshoe Race

    • Record race in minutes: seconds: tenth
    • ex. 01:46.5
    • ex. 01:20.4
  5. Snow Snake

    • Measure in meters
    • ex. 74.98 meters (or 246 ft.)
  6. Triple Jump

    • Measure in meters
    • ex. 5.34 meters
  7. Wrist Hang

    • Use the Youth Grip for wrist hang
      • This means using both hands the hold yourself up.
    • Carriers must standstill; no walking when measuring the time. 
  8. Stick Pull

Please print out, complete the event, fill out score sheets and send them back to



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